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How To Prepare Natural Colours

How To Prepare Natural Colours

 Natural Saffron Color: 1)      Ayurveda has taken into account the significance of ‘Palash’ (Butea Frondosa) flowers.  Soak the Palash flowers in water overnight and boil them next morning (can also be used without boiling) to yield ayurvedic  color. Its use helps in eradicating various disorders of cough, bilious humour, leprosy, fever, strangury, flatulence and blood. Natural orange color increases the blood. It not only keeps our muscles strong & robust but also helps in enhancing our will power & mental faculties.


2)      Mix Small spoon (Chutaki bhar) Sandal powder with one liter water. Natural saffron coloure is ready.


Dry Green color:  1) Henna powder can be used exclusively or alternatively with a mixture of wheat flour. Dry henna doesn’t turn the skin red. Only when applied wet, it colors the skin red. 

2) A mixture of henna powder & Amla (the emblic myrobalan) powder makes the brown hue which is good for hair. 

3) Dry the leaves of Gulmohar (Delonix Regia) tree and grind them to yield green color.


Liquid Green color: 1)      Dissolve two spoonful of henna powder in one liter water.

2)      Paste of Spinach/ Mint / Coriander leaves when dissolved in water gives green color.


Dry Yellow color: 1)      Four spoonful of Besan (gram flour) added to two spoonful of turmeric makes dry yellow color that also acts as good ‘ubtan’ a cosmetic paste used for rubbing on the body. Instead of ordinary turmeric, even ‘Kasturi’  turmeric can be used for good aroma. In place of Besan, one can also use wheat whole flour, Maida (very fine flour), rice flour, corn flour or Multani (a kind of soft clay.)

2)      Powder of dry yellow flowers of Amaltaas (the Indian Laburnum Cassia fistula) and Marigold that are considered good for skin, when mixed with any kind of flour gives natural yellow color.


Liquid Yellow Color: 1)      Two spoonful of turmeric powder boiled in two liter water makes very good yellow color.

2)      Soak yellow flowers of Amaltaas (the Indian Laburnum Cassia fistula) and Marigold overnight in water & boil the same in the morning to get liquid yellow color.


Dry Red color: 1)      Instead of red gulal, it is better to use natural color of red sandal powder.

2)      Both dry and as well as liquid colors can be prepared from the powder of red Gudhal (Shoe- flower).


Liquid Red Color: 1)      Two spoonfuls red sandal powder boiled in one litre water gives beautiful red color.

2)      The Skin of red pomegranate boiled in water also gives red color.

3)      Add 2 spoonfuls of turmeric and pinch of lime powder to half cup of water.  Then mix 10 liters of water to yield red color.


Purple color:  The beet- root boiled in water makes good purple color.


Black color:   Indian gooseberry or Amla  (Phyllanthus emblica) powder soaked overnight in an iron utensil gives good black color.

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