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Prahalad And His Devotion

Prahalad was the son of Hiranyakashipu ( King of Asuras). From his childhood he was very much inclined towards bhakti and use to pray the God almighty. He also encouraged his friends to do the same. Once prahalad was worshipping Lord Vishnu in the school. His father saw this and punished him. Later he was sent to the Gurukul where his guru played wicked tricks against Prahalad to prevent him from indulging in any sort of prayers. He also warned Prahalad against performing prayers and told him that he will be punished severely if he does so. Prahalad did not want to upset his parents and guru. So he started to be very attentive and worshipped god only in their absence. But sometimes prahald could not restrict his bhakti and use to sing devotional songs very loudly in presence of everybody. Prahald also indulged his friends in performing bhakti and started preaching them about god. All his fiends cooperated with Prahalad in doing bhakti. When his guru learnt about this fact, he called Prahalad and questioned him “Is it true that you still offer prayers and also motivate your friends to do so? “ To this Prahalad replied very politely “Gurudev, What you have heard is absolutely true. We all worship God and we make sure that we do it in your absence so that it does not upset you.” His guru got very angered and said “Mischievous boy! You disobey your Guru’s words! Do you even know that disagreeing to Guru’s words is equivalent to committing grave sin?” Prahalad said “Gurudev, I can make a promise of not worshipping God in your presence. But it is impossible for me to keep my self devoid of bhakti.” Guru said “Dear son Prahalad! As per Vaishnav Dharma, following Guru’s words is the purest form of bhakti and adhering to it is the prime responsibility of shishya. If a shishya follows his guru he will be freed from all the sins and will attain Moksha. Hence dear prince, you treat me as the savior and follow my words.” After listening to his Guru’s words Prahald gave a very apt and beautiful reply. He said “It is absolutely true that you have given us bookish knowledge. I respect you for the same but you are not my Sadguru. As per your teachings of Vaishnav Dharma, if you increase your glory and vastness to be treated as sadguru, then there will be no end to my happiness. It is for the same reason I repeatedly ask you to worship the supreme God. Harernameva Nameva Mama Jeevanam! (Praising hari and uttering his greatness is my life)   If you also become sadguru then we will never disobey you. Then this school will become the sacred place where shishya gets not only bookish knowledge but also a way to attain Moksha. Listening to the words of Prahalad Guru said “Dear shishya, no one can ever disrupt you from bhakti.” So the moral of the story is “We must bravely overcome all the hassles and difficulties which prevent us from doing bhakti.”  
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