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Guru Bhakti Of Swami Vivekananda

World famous Shri Swami Vivekananda had surrendered his life towards his Gurudev Sri RamKrishna Paramhamsa.  During the last days of Shri Ramkrishna Paramhamsa’s body he was always engaged in Guru Seva without considering bad condition of his house and family and nor did he bothered for his own food. Due to throat cancer Ramkrishna Paramhamsa’s body was very sick. He used to spit cough, phlegm & blood. Vivekanada used to clean all these very attentively and with full love & devotion.
Once one of the disciple displayed negligence in Sri Ramkrishna Paramhamsa’s service and frowned his nose and eyebrows upon the spits. Seeing this Swami Vivekananda became angry. To give lesson to that Gurubhai, demonstrating the love for each belongings of Gurudev he went and drank the whole vessel filled with cough, blood and such other particles kept near Gurudev’s bed.

Must watch. Love Of Ramkrishna Paramhansa
& Vivekanada for each other.

Due to his matchless devotion and loyalty towards Guru he could do great service of Guru’s body and could spread the divine message of Guru to the entire world. He succeeded in understanding Gurudev and could merger his existence in Guru’s nature. He spread the fragrance of India’s invaluable spiritual treasure worldwide.

Swami Vivekananda use to tell about Guru Bhakti: - “Self-knowledge has supreme range which cannot be obtain from scriptures. Even if you go to whole earth tour, Himalaya, climb Alps Mountain range, dive in deep ocean at sit at its depth, see Tibet country, search whole Gobi (Africa) desert , but real self-realization , cannot be known without Gurudev’s Kripa-Prasad at any time. So by God’s mercy when you have Gurudev Darshan , then completely take Gurudev’s shelter, consider that he is  Parabrahma (Greatest Divine Power), be his child and serve him totally – by this you will be blessed. Those who have surrendered to Gurudev with supreme love and honor, only to them the Supreme Lord (Sach-chit-anand Prabhu) has bestowed the Param Bhakti (utmost devotion) and has displayed the supernatural miracles of spirituality.”

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