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Lord Rama Hosting a Banquet For The Apes

Once lord Rama addressed Hanumanji, “Hanuman! After my crowning ceremony everybody has been aptly awarded. But I still have a desire to arrange a feast for all the apes wherein they take meals sitting in rows. ” Hanumanji entreated with folded hands. “O Lord! I know the apes only too well. They are best left alone jumping around on trees.”” But Hanuman! It is my earnest wish to serve them food like humans.” Sensing that Lord Rama had made up His mind, Hanumanji said,”As you wish my lord!”

Lord Rama never used to give orders saying,’ this is my order’. He would just express His desire. You too can borrow a leaf from the Lord’s book. If you happen to be a politician, leader, an administrator, executive a manager or supervisor then give your orders to juniors with love and encouragements as this invariably improvesthe quality of their work. If you rudely give commands like Adolf Hitler, it will discourage then and they will not work whole-heartedly. In order to carry out Lord Rama’s instructions, Hanumanji got busy in making arrangements for the feast. On the scheduled day and time, the apes came in droves. Hanumanji instructed them,” You have to take your meal served on leaf plates while sitting in rows as per my instructions”

The monkeys were jumping helter-skelter … and Hanumanji had a tough and harrowing time making them sit in rows. He thought to himself, ”O Lord! How can I make them sit in rows? They are used to sitting in circle.” Finally Hanumanji drew a straight line on the ground and told them to sit next to each other along the line.

All the monkeys sat in the rows. First they were given leaf plates. Some apes took the leaf plates in their hands to examine them; while others placed them in their heads. Hanumanji roared,”no one will place the leaf plates on his head.”

The apes put the leaf plates back on the ground. Hanumanjji was constantly giving instructions and hence they were all very careful. Serving of food finally got underway. As soon as the first item was served, the apes got ready to gobble it up. But Hanumanji instructed, “No! Not yet. You will start eating only after all food items are duly served. Be careful!”

Roots and tubers were also served to the apes. Finally mangoes were served. Apes are extremely fond of mangoes. But Hanumanji’s order was very strict. How could they eat the mangoes? Even so, one monkey dared to stealthily pick up a mango with his feet. When he tried to press it with his foot to eject the kernel so that he could aim it into his mouth, the mango got tossed up in the air and accidentally hit the nose of the ape sitting opposite to him. Chaos broke loose! The apes started screeching and jumping. They took their mangoes and climbed on the nearby trees. The entire food was wasted…

Lord Rama smiled gently. Hanumanji said. “Lord! I was never in favor of arranging a feast for these apes.” Lord Rama said, “No Hanuman! Whatever has happened or is happening and will happen is always for the good.” Just do away with your embarrassment. Hanuman! People will enjoy recalling this episode of your kinfolk; and will feel enthused.” Hanumanji was pleased to hear these words of lord Rama. We too have been enjoying about this incident. This is but the divine the play of Sachidananda, i.e the embodiment of truth absolute, knowledge absolute and bliss absolute.

In the crowing episode of lord rama it is described that everybody experienced supreme bliss at that time. The real nature of JIVA is truth,consciousness and bliss’… Supreme bliss. We get glimpses of ‘truth, consciousness and bliss’ in the statecraft of lord rama, his personality, as well as in the lives of great saints who have attained oneness with Rama and know all that is happening in the heart of everyone.    

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